The Parenting Course

A free, 5 part series for those parenting 0 to 10 year olds

Tuesdays from 4th June - 2nd July

Why do the Parenting Course?

  • Children do not arrive with an instruction manual.
  • No role we undertake in life is more important than parenting.
  • Family life is under great pressure today.
  • Parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively.
  • Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference.
  • Meeting our children’s deepest needs, setting healthy boundaries, developing a family identity and passing on important values takes skill and dedication. We can all learn how to make even the happiest family better.

How do I know the Parenting Course is right for me?

  • The course is for every type of parenting situation, including parenting on our own, step-parenting and parenting as a couple.
  • Whatever your situation, the practical tools you learn can help you to improve and strengthen your family life.

What is the Parenting Course?

The Parenting Children Course was developed by Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of the Marriage Course fame. They started The Parenting Children Course in 1990 and it’s now running around the world.

Over five weekly sessions you will discover practical tools to help you:

  • Build a strong family centered on love.
  • Meet your children’s needs.
  • Set effective boundaries.
  • Teach healthy relationships.
  • Pass on the values you hold to be important.

What can I expect on the course?

  • A fantastic atmosphere that is welcoming, encouraging and fun.
  • DVD sessions that are informative and fun, with discussions where you can pick up ideas from other parents.

What do others say about it?

  • ‘The course was very informative and helped to build my confidence as a parent.’
  • ‘It has given me ways to communicate effectively with my kids.’