Our Vision

About Us

Harvest is a great place for families and people of all ages.
The heartbeat of our church is people, both those who are already a part of our Harvest family, and those around us in our community. Our desire is to see the lost found and the found grow.

We encourage every person to be involved in church life and also helping others in our community. We believe that as we demonstrate the love of God in everything we do, we become what the church was always intended to be.

We See

A New Zealand Church
Where we accept New Zealand as a multicultural space and strive to use local styles to be relevant and value diversity.

A Contemporary Church
Where we communicate the reality of Jesus and demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom with spiritual power and radical compassion.

A Transitioning Church
Where we help people discover their God given purpose, provide them with practical training, and release and support them in ministering to their community.

A Pentecostal Church
Where we are committed to pentecostal values while respecting differences and striving for unity of purpose in the global church.

A Dreaming Church
Where we think and act big, sustaining a culture of innovation, growth, continual change and excellence.

An Expanding Church
Where we act locally and think globally, impacting South Auckland, New Zealand and the world with the person and message of Jesus

Missions Focus

Our commission as a church is to make disciples and to reach out Locally, Nationally and Globally.

The great commission is found in five complementary forms in the New Testament.

Commission – John 20:21
I am sending you as I was sent.

Recipients – Mark 16:15
Go to all the world and preach to every person.

Strategy – Matthew 28:19-20
Disciple all peoples, then baptise and teach.

Content – Luke 24:46-48
Preach repentance and forgiveness of sins.

Geography – Acts 1:8
Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Five Fold Purpose

The five purposes of this church are identical to God’s five purposes for your life.

and ministering to others helps find and use your talents.

the unchurched with God’s love helps you fulfill your mission.

helps you focus on God.

with others helps you face life’s problems.

more like Jesus helps you in your faith.